Driving Lessons Galway with Pass My Test

Driving Lessons Galway with Pass My Test

At present Pass My Test is taking Galway by storm. We hit the ground running when entering the Galway market in 2011 and since then we have won many awards to further prove to the County of Galway that Pass My Test is now the new Number 1 Driving School in Galway.

The vast majority of new student drivers who are learning with us have heard from us from friends, fellow colleagues, fellow students but we now have a major presence online thus expanding our fleet of the best driving instructors in Galway to every corner of th County.

So wherever you are from in the County of Galway, rest assured, there is a Pass My Test driving instructor not far from you. Also don’t sorry about having to meet us anywhere, we will come to your house, place of work, college, school, wherever you want and we will start your driving lessons from there.

People in Galway now know that when they get driving lessons with Pass My Test they’re sure to get the best lessons, at the best prices and most importantly with the best results.

Are You Really Cheaper Than The Other Driving Schools?

The easy answer here is Yes we most definitely are. Most driving schools will advertise a good price then you call up you will find that there is hidden extras, or that price was only for a certain month or if you pay more you will get a better set of driving lessons.

It’s a shame but a lot of driving schools want to play games and they want to lead you starting a few lessons with them then to realise that you have to pay a lot more than what was first advertised.

With Pass My Test we don’t play games, the only game we play is the Passing Your Test Game. The prices you see on our home page, the prices you see on our prices page are the prices you will pay for your lessons and you have to agree that these are the best prices in Galway. There are no hidden costs, no hidden fees, no nasty surprises.

We can charge the best prices in Galway because this is what we do, this is what we stand for. Our company was built on the reputation of affordability, professionalism, safety and with the best results.

We think you’d agree that driving lessons were and still are in most cases overpriced. We’ve started a new era and people in Galway know that they’re getting value for money with Pass My Test and they also know that they’re getting the best driving lessons so this is why we’re now the number one driving school in Galway.

Take a look at all our pass photos in Galway, you can certainly be the next one listed here.

What Exactly Is Expected From Me In The Driving Test?

From the minute you meet your examiner on the day if your driving test you need to know how to react, how to conduct yourself, what to say, how to say it, basically to show the examiner that you’re ready for the driving test and you’re ready to pass.

What we do at Pass My Test is make you more confident than you ever thought you could be. We are professionals at doing this. How do we do this, we do this by giving you all the information you need, all the instructions you need, everything you need to ensure that from that first minute you meet that examiner that he or she knows right away that this person looks like they have this test rapped up.

We will teach you how to speak to the examiner, we will teach how the examiner thinks and speaks so that you know what to expect and you know hoe to deal with this situation.

Its all well and good getting driving lessons from a driving school and pre tests from a driving school but your driving instructor you have probably got to know and you should feel comfortable with your driving instructor.

But what about when the day of the test arrives, your examiner will not be as friendly as your driving instructor. Again this is where Pass My Test stands out from all the other driving schools. We will have you mastered in the psychology of the examiner so that when he or she talks to you in a certain manner, you will know how to react, what to say , what to do and most importantly just get on with your driving test without worrying.

We will master the manoeuvres with you, the turnabout, the reverse around the corner, the hill start. We will show you where these will take place, and we will make sure that you know anything and everything that may arise in your driving test.

Take it from us, this is why we have the results that we do, we have the best instructors in Galway with the best results. We’re here to ensure you pass your driving test, we’re here to ensure that you’re the best driver you can be on the road.

Pass My Test is the best driving school in Galway now for a reason. We get results, we don’t cost the earth. Drop us a line anytime and we’ll get you on our driving lesson passes wall of fame.

A Testimonial from each of the Test Centres in Galway:

Unit 4 Westside Shopping Centre, Seamus Quirke Road, Co. Galway

Telephone: 1890406040

Waiting Time: 8 weeks

Test Centre Pass Rate: 61.23%

Pass My Test Pass Rate: 98%

Miriam Wrote:

Pass My Test was the first company that was listed in my Google search, I read a bit about them, seen their entire pass photo wall of fame so they already looked brilliant and that was enough for me. I’m so glad I did end up going with them because these people in my opinion are the best in the business. I have had friends who sat their test 3 or 4 times and thought they were never going to get it so this is kinda the way I was feeling at the start yet I hadn’t even sat one driving test. I don’t know what all the fuss was about. The test was great, ok I passed but my pass my test instructor did not leave out one thing, I went into that test like I had already passed. Pass my test say they build confidence, and that they certainly do but you have to be will to listen, to take everything in and if you’re will to do this, then you will pass with these. Give them a go, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed, thank you pass my test

Airglooney Business Park, Ballygaddy, Tuam, Co. Galway

Telephone: 1890406040

Waiting Time: 11 weeks

Test Centre Pass Rate: 64.86%

Pass My Test Pass Rate: 98%

David Wrote:

I was told that the Ballygaddy test centre was meant to be quite tough. Let me state I was not told this by pass my test, I was told by a few friends. Let me also state that pass my test do not say anything is hard or difficult as this is in their teaching mantra, they teach everything in such a way that perhaps to some people it might seem difficult at the start but by the time my instructor was finished with me, everything seemed easy. This is what they do, they teach everything so well that you can’t help but feel great in the car, not sure of all schools teach this way but they all should. A hundred million thank yous to pass my test, a credit to the driving school industry.

Clonfert House, Bride Street, Loughrea, Tuam, Co. Galway

Telephone: 1890406040

Waiting Time: 11 weeks

Test Centre Pass Rate: 58.76%

Pass My Test Pass Rate: 98%

Michelle Wrote:

I am from Loughrea and had my test there only a few days ago. I knew the area pretty well but I didn’t know anything about where the manoeuvres where or where I would be taken on the test. Pass my test show you all this but that wasn’t important to me as I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong and how I could fix it. They did this pretty quick and explained in great detail about how my examiner would behave which was vital to me as I don’t like anyone in the car with me that makes me feel uncomfortable but my instructor showed me how to deal with this situation so at the end it was great and I think that was the bit that scared me the most and getting that sorted helped me to pass my test, first time might I add. It’s a great feeling and I owe it all to this company, thanks to my driving instructor and thanks to pass my test, great service, great prices, great overall.

Market Street, Clifden, Co. Galway

Telephone: 1890406040

Waiting Time: 8 weeks

Test Centre Pass Rate: 65.61%

Pass My Test Pass Rate: 98%

Antanas Wrote:

Sorry pass my test I know you sent me a few questions to answer for a testimonial but I don’t have that much time to go through them. All I can say is that I found the company great, great lessons, my instructor was very professional and I will recommend you to anyone I know who wants lessons, thank you.